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Erin and Will’s Wedding, Mason, Michigan, 6/30/12

June 29th and June 30th was a two wedding weekend for me.  First photographing a wedding in Chicago, and the next day a wedding in Mason, Michigan.  I left the wedding in Chicago after the reception and decided to drive back to Mason, arriving home about 3:30 in the morning.

I enjoyed photographing both wedding tremendously.  Each wedding had it’s own dynamics and it’s own set of “challenges”.  A first for me:  I was loading up my equipment from the church in Chicago and took one load out to the car, when I returned to get the second load, the church doors were locked and there was absolutely nobody around to unlock the doors.   This happened before I had photographed the reception.  Luckily the pastor drove by and saw the limousine in the parking lot and stopped to see what was going on, fortunately he had keys and unlocked the church.  Whewww.




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Grace and Dan’s Wedding, Chicago

I traveled to Chicago to photograph Grace and Dan’s wedding.  We’ve  been having an extremely hot summer, and Grace and Dan’s wedding day was no exception.  On the morning of their wedding day, the weather looked very threatening, but fortunately the weather cleared in time for the wedding and reception.

Grace and Dan are an extremely fun couple and I enjoyed myself (I always do at weddings) sharing the emotion and fun which always accompanies a wedding.

Grace and Dan:  thank for allowing me to capture some amazing moments from your wedding!




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The Daily Scoop Wedding Photo, Mason

Every bride/groom likes to have memorable photographs from their wedding day.  We recently photographed a wedding in Mason, and we asked the bride and  groom where they would like to have their photos taken.  Erin and Will stated that they wanted to have their photos reflect a small town wedding.  Mason is the county seat of Ingham County, and is a quaint little town with a courthouse on the town square.  There are a number of shops surrounding the town square and we decided to do a shot inside “The Daily Scoop” ice cream shop (  The Daily Scoop has a blackboard inside their shop which they use for advertising, and we had seen a photo of couple with some “thought bubbles” written on the blackboard.  We liked the concept and developed it further for our bridal couple.  The owner of the shop was very accomodating and allowed us to take over his shop for this photo, as well as providing the bridal couple with a root beer float (fantastic on one of the hottest days of the summer).  I love the photo, it is retro, and reminiscent of small town values and friendliness.  Thanks to the Daily Scoop for allowing us to create this great image.

Erin and Will at the Daily Scoop in Mason, Michigan

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