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Our Photo Booth

Some images from our most recent wedding.


Our photo booth is able to accommodate larger groups of people and utilizes a great backdrop and professional studio lighting.  Because our photo booth is not enclosed, it remains cool and allows people to move easily when entering and exiting the booth


It always amazes me how creative people can get with the props after a few drinks!



East Lansing Art Fair 2014

The East Lansing Art Fair officially starts the beginning of the outdoor photography season for me. After being cooped up most of the winter (and this winter was a LONG winter) it’s fun to get out and take some photographs of people enjoying the weather, art, and themselves.

I decided to take my 50 mm 1.2 lens with me. There is nothing like a prime lens for sharpness, even though it is less convenient than using a zoom.

East Lansing Art Fair-1.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-10.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-11.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-12.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-13.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-14.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-15.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-16.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-18.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-2.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-20.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-21.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-22.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-23.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-24.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-26.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-29.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-3.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-30.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-31.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-32.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-34.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-35.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-37.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-38.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-39.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-4.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-40.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-43.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-6.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-7.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-8.jpgEast Lansing Art Fair-9.jpg

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Some Favorite Fall Photos for 2012

Mark III Test Photos-45.jpgMark III Test Photos-248.jpgUntitled_Panorama1.jpgFall_Photos-37b2.jpgFall_Photos-6.jpgFall_Photos-55-3.jpgFall_Photos-31.jpgFall_Photos-4.jpgFall_Photos-50.jpgFall_Photos-57.jpgFall_Photos-58-2.jpgFall_Photos-9.jpgMark III Test Photos-308.jpg
The fall this year arrived quickly and was relatively short in duration as compared to past years.  While the leaves were turning, I had the opportunity to take some senior, engagement, and family photos at various locations around the Lansing area including Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, Hawk Island Park in Lansing, and Woldumar Nature Center in Delta Township.  This past weekend I took some photos of the newly opened Eli and Edyth Broad Museum on the campus of Michigan Statue University.


I just acquired a new Canon 5D Mark III which I have been using the past couple of days.  I’m amazed with the quality of photos it’s taking.  Here are some examples.


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