Michigan Wedding Photography – Kenzi and Evan’s Photobooth

Photo Booth-10.jpgPhoto Booth-11.jpgPhoto Booth-12.jpgPhoto Booth-13.jpgPhoto Booth-14.jpgPhoto Booth-15.jpgPhoto Booth-16.jpgPhoto Booth-17.jpgPhoto Booth-18.jpgPhoto Booth-19.jpgPhoto Booth-2.jpgPhoto Booth-20.jpgPhoto Booth-21.jpgPhoto Booth-22.jpgPhoto Booth-23.jpgPhoto Booth-24.jpgPhoto Booth-25.jpgPhoto Booth-26.jpgPhoto Booth-27.jpgPhoto Booth-28.jpgPhoto Booth-29.jpgPhoto Booth-3.jpgPhoto Booth-30.jpgPhoto Booth-31.jpgPhoto Booth-32.jpgPhoto Booth-33.jpgPhoto Booth-34.jpgPhoto Booth-35.jpgPhoto Booth-36.jpgPhoto Booth-37.jpgPhoto Booth-38.jpgPhoto Booth-39.jpgPhoto Booth-4.jpgPhoto Booth-40.jpgPhoto Booth-41.jpgPhoto Booth-42.jpgPhoto Booth-43.jpgPhoto Booth-44.jpgPhoto Booth-45.jpgPhoto Booth-46.jpgPhoto Booth-47.jpgPhoto Booth-48.jpgPhoto Booth-49.jpgPhoto Booth-5.jpgPhoto Booth-50.jpgPhoto Booth-51.jpgPhoto Booth-52.jpgPhoto Booth-53.jpgPhoto Booth-54.jpgPhoto Booth-6.jpgPhoto Booth-7.jpgPhoto Booth-8.jpgPhoto Booth-9.jpgPhoto Booth.jpg

Kenzi and Evan are an amazing couple! I recently photographed their wedding at the MSU Alumni Chapel. The wedding was very traditional and provided the opportunity for some amazing photographs. The reception was at the Country Club of Lansing and was non-stop fun. In addition to the photo booth, music was provided by Michael Sonata (a Frank Sinatra tribute artist) as well as a “surprise guest” (four legged) dressed in a tuxedo and top hat.

Everyone who used the photo booth pasted their photos into a guestbook.

BTW: the groom has a striking resemblance to Billy Zane, don’t you think?

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