Allie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-0.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-1-4.jpgSusie and Andrew Engagement Photo SessionAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-1.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-10.jpgSusie and Andrew, Beaumont Tower, MSUAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-15.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-2.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-3.jpgShaina and Olivery, Clara's in downtown LansingAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-4.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-5.jpgAllie_and_Jon_South_Haven_Engagement_Photos-9.jpgEngagements-10.jpgSusie and Andrew, Moores Park PoolFall Engagement Photos, Mt. PleasantSusie and Andrew, Moores ParkSusie and Andrew, MSU, the rockBonnie and Jason Engagement PhotosKelly and Mark Engagement Photo Session, Mt. Pleasant

I love taking engagement photos.  The pace is usually relaxed and there is the opportunity to get to know the couple in advance of their wedding.  Usually the shots and locations have some special significance to them;  it is the place they met, or a place they enjoy going, or an activity they enjoy together.

One couple wanted to have some “40’s Vintage”  photos taken.  What better location represents 40’s vintage than Clara’s restaurant downtown?  The train station and the railroad cars and railroad paraphernalia made for some very interesting shots.  After taking the photos, I aged them in sepia tones and manipulated the images to make them look cracked and aged.