Self Portrait

Hi, I’m John.  I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Lansing, Michigan.

I have been described as enthusiastic, artistic, innovative, and truly caring about the work I do.  I strongly believe in effective communication when planning your wedding day photography.  I tend to shy away from photographic techniques which are trendy.  Even though I like to know in advance what photos are expected of me, I’m always on the lookout for those unexpected moments.

I love high key photography (light and bright), and prefer working with natural light when it is available, but I will always deliver an excellent product no matter what the lighting conditions are.

I love keeping up with technology, whether it’s the cameras and lenses we use, or the latest and most advanced editing software.  As a photographer you are always a student, and have to strive to keep yourself current with the latest advances in technology.

I believe it is important to use your God given talents, and give them back to the community is some positive fashion.  I have done volunteer work for the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company (a local theatre company), the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and for Help Portrait.  Help Portrait is nationwide event where professional photographers come together to take professional photos of the economically disadvantaged in our community during the Christmas season.  It really warms your heart to see people cherish these photos,  knowing that you provided a gift which they may not have been able to afford on their own. The payback is that you get back more than you give from participating in this event.  It’s really important to give back and stand in the place where you live.


What sets John Douglas Photography apart from other Photographers?

I place a lot of emphasis on communication.  From the moment you contact me I will assist you in any way I can during your planning process.  I can advise on schedules, how much time I would need to photograph all events at your wedding, ways to keep your guests entertained during our on location shots, and  recommend the best locations to shoot.  Our participation in your planning process is offered to allow you to have the best images possible!

I belong to the Professional Photographers of American and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  Participation in these organizations guarantees that we are constantly honing our skills and keeping up with the latest advances in photography.

 Our Equipment

We shoot Canon. All of our equipment is professional grade.  Following is a list of  our major equipment





Editing Software



We are members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals as well the Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America