Cherry Barc Farm

A rustic wedding is all about color, texture, and the unexpected things that can happen.  Cherry Barc Farm has all of this, and more.

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My first wedding of the 2015 season was held at Cherry Barc Farm in Vermontville, Michigan.  I have done quite a few rustic chic weddings, but Cherry Barc Farm was very unique with a variety of interesting textures and items to photograph.

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At Cherry Barc Farm, everyone is friendly, including the animals!

Cherry Barc Farm is a working farm, and they have a number of animals including ducks, pigs and chickens.  The Chickens wander about freely, and aren’t the least bit afraid of people.Be prepared to have some of the farm animals voluntarily join in your photos.

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Spring 2015 was a very wet spring, and 90% of the weddings I did in April and May were rainy days.  You always have to be flexible when doing an outdoor wedding.  We were very fortunate that the barn at Cherry Barc Farm was large enough to accommodate a large crowd, so it was simply a matter of of moving the ceremony from the outdoor location to the barn, which was easily done with very few complications or stress.  Alison and her husband made sure that everything worked seamlessly during the event, which is always appreciated by the bride and groom.

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The large tree located on Cherry Barc Farm is the traditional location for outdoor weddings.


Cherry Barc Farm has wonderful ambience.  I, as most photographers, prefer natural lighting to flash or incandescent lighting.  The barn has three large doors which can be opened to allow ambient lighting to light the interior space.  Even when the the doors have to be kept closed because of cold weather, there was enough light to do capture the event without flash.

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A tremendous advantage to rustic chic weddings (or barn weddings) is that the bridal party can decorate the space in any way that they want.  I found myself focusing a lot of my time on the details of the table settings, as well as the textures throughout the barn.  One of my favorite photos taken at this wedding was taken in one of the two lofts (see below).  The light streaming through the barn siding and the use of a gridded strobe allowed me to use my creative powers in creating a really unique image.  There are no shortage of areas to stretch your creative powers.

I love rustic chic weddings because the ceremony and reception are held at the same location.  There is no pressure to travel to another location for the after ceremony shots, which really eases the schedule as well as the bride and grooms feeling rushed to get the after ceremony shots.  You can tell from the relaxed expression on the bride and grooms faces that they were relaxed and free to enjoy themselves, which they obviously did.

We even had time to do the traditional “American Gothic” Pose.

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I really enjoyed myself at Cherry Barc farm, it’s a lovely location and managed by some very helpful and friendly people (including the animals)

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