Family Photography, Cooley Gardens, Lansing Michigan

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Cooley Gardens is a hidden gem in Lansing.  Although it’s a small garden, it is well maintained and has several lovely areas which are perfect for taking family photographs.  The ongoing drought we are having has been a real challenge to the garden, but the garden is green and the colors vibrant.

I had the opportunity to photograph the family of some close personal friends, Lori and Brad.  I have been photographing their family for over four years now, and it is always amazing to see how their children are growing and maturing.  Lori and Brad have two wonderful children.  Lori had talked about having family photographs for a year now, and we didn’t have the opportunity to take them last summer.  In addition to Lori and her family, photographs of Lori’s sisters, her parents, and her parent’s grandchildren were taken.  I’m glad that the stars aligned and that we had the opportunity to take the photographs this year.

As you can see from the photos, Addy has the most amazing blue eyes and a complexion like porcelain!  No, there was no editing done to her eyes!

I always like to experiment with new editing techniques, and I have tried several new techniques with this sitting, including selective focus and several new pre-sets.  The results are very pleasing, of course it always helps when you have photogenic subjects!



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