18-c60.jpg5P6A9105-2-c25.jpg5P6A9573-c89.jpgAmy and Anand-1-c31.jpgAmy and Anand-2-c10.jpgBlair and Rodney-4-c92.jpgBrittani and Ben -629-c23.jpgc36-Hazel-4.jpgCreative_Wedding_Pose_2.jpgReception_On_Patio.jpgVintage_Wedding.jpgWinter_Outdoor_Family_Photo_3.jpg

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Welcome! . . . from John Douglas, a professional Michigan Photographer

Martha and Tony-9Martha and Tony-1Martha and Tony-1-2Kerri and Mike Picks-5.jpgMartha and Tony-8Martha and Tony-4Kerri and Mike Picks-2.jpgShower-10-3.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-10-2.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-6.jpgShower-10-2.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-1.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-10.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-11.jpgMartha and Tony-7Kerri and Mike Picks-12.jpgKerri and Mike Picks-3.jpgPano.jpgAmy and Anand-2.jpgRodney and Blair for web-6.jpgRodney and Blair for web-1.jpg18.jpgRodney and Blair for web-2.jpgRodney and Blair for web-4.jpgRodney and Blair for web-5.jpgRodney and Blair for web-7.jpgAmy and Anand-1.jpgLiz and Jack -1002.jpgMartha and Tony-5Brittani and Ben -425-c13.jpgBrittani and Ben -629-c34.jpgBrittani and Ben-16.jpgRodney and Blair for web-3.jpgBrittani and Ben-2-c56.jpgRodney and Blair for web-8.jpgBlair and Rodney-1.jpgBlair and Rodney-4.jpgBrittani and Ben-11.jpgBrittani and Ben -636.jpgMartha and Tony-11Gloria and Scott-697.jpgStacey and Steve-11.jpgStacey and Steve-3.jpgStacey and Steve-5.jpgMartha and Tony-10Blair and Rodney-5.jpg5.jpg5P6A0816.jpgBlair and Rodney-3.jpg5P6A0868.jpg5P6A0869.jpganand2.pngBlair and Rodney-2.jpg5P6A0874.jpg5P6A0881.jpg5P6A9105-2.jpg5P6A9540.jpg5P6A9573.jpg5P6A9617-2.jpg5P6A9809.jpgGloria and Scott-557.jpgHagenbarth 5.jpgPanorama1.jpgScott and Gloria Faves-1000.jpgScott and Gloria Faves-1003.jpgScott and Gloria Faves-1004.jpgScott and Gloria Faves-1010.jpgScott and Gloria faves-109.jpgUntitled_Panorama1.jpgHazel100.jpgMartha and Tony-1

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